Masks of Chaos – part 3

Part 1 – background – is here.

Part 2 – Nuln/New York – is here.

Part 4 – Altdorf/London – is here.

NULN (New York)


As a reminder, these are the rough notes where I focus on making sure the underlying structure and all the names and places correctly work. Once I’ve done the same with all the chapters, I’ll then work on fleshing out each chapter in a useful GM-focused format. (Don’t get me started on my bugbear of how bad most published scenarios are presented. See my previous posts on the Bone Orchard.)

ELSNER’S ROOM: Elsner stays at an inn instead of the local Verena temple because he believes – incorrectly – cultists have infiltrated the temple. Summons the party. Three cultists – Étienne Bizier, Lucille Malenfant and Carl Dorner – are in his room and have just murdered him.

Information in the room:

  • Letter to Rüdiger Carstens from Willem Behrend (Carlyle Papers America #1).
  • Calling card for Eduard Gausman (Carlyle Papers America #2).
  • Square of cheap paper with a poor quality stamp of a stylised smiling monkey holding a bottle in both hands and its tail. Elsner has written ‘The Drunken Monkey’ on the back (Carlyle Papers America #3).
  • A bill of lading for The Dark Mistress in Magritta loading and unloading ‘agricultural equipment’ and sundry miscellaneous supplies (Carlyle Papers America #4).
  • Handbill for Emmermann Imports in Nuln, printed on cheap stock (Carlyle Papers America #5). Elsner has written the name ‘Sylvain Naquin’ on the back.
  • Letter from Mirijam Worst from Nuln University (Carlyle Papers America #6).
  • Handbill advertising Prof. Koehler’s guest lecture at Nuln University. (Carlyle Papers America #7)
  • Elsner’s forehead: cult symbol cut into the skin (Carlyle Papers America #8).
Sgt Pohl of the Watch

Sgt Martin Pohl of the Watch arrives to investigate. Reveals info about other murders and Cpt Robeck’s arrest of Adamy. Says Dr. Mordecai Lemming told him the mark from previous victims was a Bretonnian death cult.

NULN TIMES NEWS SHEET NEXT DAY: reports on murder and the connection to those in Shantytown (Carlyle Papers America #9): Cpt Robeck of the Watch arrested suspect Hilliard Adamy who is soon due for execution.

FUNERAL AT GARDENS OF MORR: Only attendees are Jonah Kentner, Carston Ramser (lawyer), and his niece/secretary Wilma Slinger, Nuln Times news sheet reporter Rebekka Shosenburg.

Gardens of Morr

READING OF THE WILL: Carston Ramser to act as source of funds and contacts to investigate Carsten Expedition.

TEMPLE OF VERENA: Jonah Kentner believes Elsner lost sight of the mission to recover books and tomes, and instead became focused on digging further into the cults than he should have done.

  • Letter from Elsner to Kentner about Carsten Expedition (Carlyle Papers America #11).
  • Notes from Bretonnia on supposed murder of expedition members (Carlyle Papers America #12).
  • Said Elsner was most recently in Marienburg and had written to him ranting about a conspiracy. Sailed back for Nuln thereafter.
  • Final notes (Carlyle Papers America #13)

MEETING ERIKA CARSTEN: Erika is as per Masks, scion of a family from self-made wealth. Carsten House is in Altestadt.

  • Brandeis Grau, her lawyer.
  • Josef Korber, bodyguard.

She refers to Maëlle Wervik’s pseudonym Natalya Bunin.

Rüdiger’s books in the library: grimoires of dark magic, and Life as a God by Morgen Kromer.

THE DOCTOR IS IN: Dr. Meinhard Lenning, wealthy amateur scholar

  • Refers to Sylvain Naquin, owner of Daroir, which sells various elvish curios.
Nuln Library

MEETING MIRIJAM WORST: Librarian at the Nuln Library

  • Bretonnia’s Dark Cults by Niklaus Blackert

MEETING PROFESSOR CORRALES: Prof. Antonio Corrales from the University of Gualcazar, Estalia, currently a Fellow at University of Nuln. Daughter Eva.

  • His lecture describes the supposedly extinct Abaskos Cult of the Sand Bat that was shunned by most Abaskos for its violence and use of toxic drugs.
  • The Abaskos tell of water spirits that came to earth from the stars and lived in great subterranean and seas and palaces within those seas. The water spirits left when a trickster god poisoned those seas, forcing them to moving further and further to the surface, until one day they returned to the stars.
  • Corrales has seen amazing sketches of ancient ruins in the west of Estalia, which were drawn by Arturo Yero and sent via Roberto Machado in Sitges. (Carlyle Papers America #15).
  • Prof. David Dorado is looking after Corrales’ home in Gualcazar and has the diary (Carlyle Papers Australia #1)

EMMERMAN IMPORTS: Elsner questioned Artie Emmermann about shipments from Bretonnia. Emmerman handles shipments for Abelard Simeon in Brionne who sends crates to Sylvain Naquin, the owner of Daroir (‘memory’ in elvish) House, which sells elvish artifacts.

Emmermann Imports

AN INNOCENT MAN: Hilliard Adamy is imprisoned Graz Keep on Fortress Island, where he is awaiting execution.

THE NULN TIMES: Rebekka Shosenburg

  • Can point towards Hilton Adamy’s wife, Mila.
  • Confirm suspicions that Cpt Robeck is corrupt.


  • Lafayette Theatre
  • Details Hilton and his allies’ investigations into the Shantytown disappearances and later ritual murders.
  • His and her own investigation of Daroir House as a potential cult base.

THE GOOD FRIENDS OF HILTON ADAMY?: Friends and former investigative partner of Hilliard Adamy:

  • Arndt Milz, troubadour
  • Dolph Fels, avant-garde sculptor (info on Masrael?)
  • Jakob Wallisch, orderly at the Nuln Hospital
  • Nickolaus Johannes: reporter for the Nuln Age.

All used to meet at Timo’s Tavern. More information. (Is scene even necessary?)

A VISIT TO GRAZ KEEP: The executioner uses an axe called Old Shiny that despite being ancient is still extremely well-maintained and sharp.

  • Georg Brunken, sympathetic subwarden.

Adamy can fill in gaps:

  • Disappearances going on for years, every month during the dark of the moons.
  • Murders seemed random
  • Was his knife, but he never took it with him when investigating
Graz Keep


  • Intimidated by a watchman.
  • Intimidated by a squad.
  • Framed and brought in for questioning by Cpt Robeck directly.


Daroir House
  • Pawnshop for observation
    • Entry through Ranke Court?
    • Observation will pick up the occasional Bretonnian accent of people entering, but most are Imperial.
    • People of note:
      • One of Cpt Robeck’s underlings out of uniform.
      • Sylvain Naquin, owner of Daroir House
      • Marceau Madere, high priest of local Bloody Tongue chapter.
      • Elsner’s killers.
      • A stevedore spotted working at Emmermann Imports.
  • Madere, if followed, can lead them to:
    • Fat Magda’s, an immigrant bar, usually Bretonnians, Estalians and Tileans.
    • The docks near Emmermann Imports.
    • A shabby room in Shanty Town where he lives.
  • Inside, Naquin sits wrapped in an elvish blanket, a key on a thong around his neck.
  • In the cellar beneath:
    • Pit:
      • Amalgamation Beast of Slaanesh
Amalgamation Beast of Slaanesh
  • Madere’s alcove:
    • Bloody Tongue mask
    • High priest robe with feathers from Bretonnian birds
    • Bretonnia’s Dark Secrets, stamped property of Nuln Library
    • Griffon claws attached to leather gauntlets. Possibly traced to The Vaukts or even the Irrana Mountains.
    • Mask of Hayama, four faces portray different aspects of Slaanesh, organic rather than reed and wood.
    • Copper bowl with Old Slann engravings
    • Corrupted carved sceptre of the Old Faith
    • High elf headband of grey metal
    • Extremely advanced clockwork orrery, identical to ones in Marienburg and Sartosa (manufactured in Altdorf).
    • Lockbox: identifiable jewellery of previous sacrificial victims, any stolen handouts from Elsner’s room
  • Four mutant zombie guards, sacrificial victims (potentially Mila Adamy):
    • Electrical Touch
    • Bestial Appearance: Weasel
    • Short Legs
    • Dripping

Next week, I’ll do the same format for Altdorf/London.

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