Tiny D6 – The Ring

Tiny D6 - The Ring - COVER

I love the concept of The One Ring, its devotion to a Tolkien-specific tone, by ensuring the relevance of journeying and non-combat skills, something sadly lacking in other iterations of Middle Earth gaming. That being said, I still find The One Ring just a little too complicated for my tastes these days. Put it down to being over 40 and not having the time to spend months developing system mastery for all the games I want to run and play.

The hack below aims to keep many of the elements of The One Ring, just simplified and rebuilt using the Tiny Dungeons core rules. I’ve tried to merge the two where possible, but that’s meant complicating Tiny Dungeons and limiting The One Ring, but I think it’s turned out to be a fair compromise.

I’ve included some of the optional rules from the Tiny Dungeons core rules book, such as Criticals, and included some tables and traits from AIME. Where I’ve strayed, such as how to use armour and creating an additional medium rank of weaponry, was purely to try and ensure things weren’t veering to far from The One Ring’s tone and options. You’ll still need both of the original rule books to make sense of everything, especially The One Ring for the creatures, Gear and guides, but if not, you should be able to work out the basics.

I’ve yet to run a campaign to fully playtest this so please do let me know if you’re able to and it works or if you find anything that’s broken.

8 thoughts on “Tiny D6 – The Ring

      1. Thanks for checking in about the Middle Earth Tiny 6. Unfortunately, things fell through. But, I still think is a great homebrew!


  1. I’m thinking of doing my own Tiny D6 hack for Symbaroum after being really impressed by your efforts. Have you have had any feedback on how your hack works in the wild or even tried it out yourself yet ?


    1. Thanks Lloyd! Nice to know I’m not shouting into the void.

      So far I haven’t. I was rushing to get my existing lock down campaigns finished before my firstborn arrived a fortnight ago. While I doubt I’ll manage it any time soon, I’m thinking of doing the same thing with WFRP, so I’ll be very interested to hear how you go with Symbaroum.


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